The Wilson County Junior Fair Board is a very elite group. To become a member of this board, a person must attend school in Wilson County, be in grades 6-12, carry a high GPA and be an outstanding member in the community. An application for a position on the Junior Fair Board must be submitted in November of each year for review by the Advisors in January.

The potential candidates go through a rigorous interview process and must provide a letter of recommendation from a community leader. Only the top candidates are selected to serve on the Junior Fair Board for a one-year term. Everyone must reapply every November for a possible position again the following year. To become an Officer, the candidate must give a speech to the Junior Fair Board lasting no more than two minutes. Then the members of the board vote their choice into office. Once elected by their peers, the Officers of the Junior Fair Board are tasked with holding monthly meetings to coronate events to be held at the fair grounds.

The Junior Fair members also are paired in Committees with the Fair Board of Directors to interview possible Fair Vendors and Entertainment. These young adults also have a very hands on task of not only helping run the Fair, but also helping in all areas of the daily duties of the Fair Board. The Fair Board is proud that these young leaders have stepped forward to help make the Wilson County Fair a better and fun event for the community.

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